Men's Genuine Leather Vintage Metro Messenger Bag--Casual Friday


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Vintage  Metro Messenger Bag--Casual Friday


  • Long   8.5  inches at bottom
  • Long 10.5  inches at top
  • Tall    10.5  inches
  • Wide   2.0  inches


Inside Features:

  • Inside zip pocket
  • Inside ring to hold key chain
  • Leather pocket for cell phone
  • Leather pen slots
  • Center zip divider
  • Cotton fabric lining

External Features:

    • Top zip main compartment below flap
    • Flap over messenger bag
    • Back side  has zip pocket
    • Front open pocket
    • Leather pull slides
    • Leather lining under flap
  • Note--Crazy Horse Leather...It scratches, and it scratches a lot. Thats why I love it. Each piece of Crazy Horse leather is unique. No two pieces will look alike. And as you begin to use my Crazy Horse products, you will start creating a distinct piece of leather luggage with a design and patina you yourself helped to create. First of all, its not horse leather, but genuine cowhide leather. But it is crazy. Each hide is treated with oil in the tanning process. As you use the leather or rub your hand or fingers up against it, it will change its appearance. Rub it back in the opposite direction, and it will change again. Crazy isn't it? Thats what I love about it. It so unique. Yours only. Your one of a kind leather to own and love.....and pass on to the next generation. 




Being nearly 9 inches long and 3 inches wide this pad is serious about

protecting your shoulder from excess weight.

Extra wide Serious Shoulder Pad   8.75 inches x 2 .75 inches

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